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News 2010

TAMPERE UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY, Tampere/Finland, new memner of Energy Hills

Mr. Markku Kivikoski,, signed the application form for membershhip of Tampere University of Technology with Energy Hills. Tampere University of Technology (TUT) conducts scientific research in technology and architecture and provides higher education within these fields. The University operates in close collaboration with business life and other facets of society and produces high-standard services within its range of tasks.
TUT is Finland’s most international university of technology in researcher and student exchange.

European Agency for Sustainable Energy

On request of the Government of Northrine-Westfalia, Energy Hills has submitted a proposal to create the European Agency for Sustainable Energy . This Agency will organize and manage an innovation process among 45 leading universities and research centres of 11 EU member countries.Some 40 private sector companies from 11 EU member countries intend to join EASE.

More information on the members site.

Chamber of Commerce of Aachen (IHK Aachen)

Chamber of Commerce of Aachen (IHK Aachen) published article related to the "Energy Competence Atlas" by Energy Hills in 2010. More:

ADINE annual meeting at Energy Hills Headquarters

ADINE is a project co-funded by the European Commission by ABB, AREVA, Lund University, OSKE, Compower, Tampere University of Technology and HERMIA (Finland).

ENERGY HILLS had the pleasure to host the annual meeting in Schloss Rahe in Aachen. Prof. Daldrup, CEO of Energy Hills welcomed and opened the meeting. Prof. Monto from RWTH Aachen University E.ON ERC Institue was invited to contribute with a presentation on new developments in Smart Grids.Further speakers had been:

 Lappeenrranta University of Technology, Finland

Energy Hills can announce its first member from outside our region. The Lappeenrranta University of Technology, Finland, became member of EnergyHills. The membership of this important university shows the growing importance of EnergyHills in the EU. The university was found in 1969 and has 5.500 students. Lappeenranta University is one of the three most important universities of Finland. The university joined Energy Hills to become partner of the European Agency for Sustainable Energy.

Colloquium May 2010: Visit of the Research Center Juelich and the Solar Tower

The visit of the Research Center of Juelich included, after the introduction given by Prof. Bolt, a presentation by Prof. Dr. Schurr (ICG-3) on "Sustainable Production of Biomass and Algae Production".

Dr. Uhlenbruck and Dr. Baumann (IEF-1) presented their research on "Ceramic Membranes for Carbon Capture" and "Materials for High Temperature Fuel Cells" (SOFC)).

Prof. Rau, a founding member of Energy Hills, presented his research on Photovoltaics. In particular he showed the most recent developments in Si-based thin film photovoltaics.

Visit of the Solar Tower

The "Solar Tower" in Juelich serves for research and development for y new generation of high performant solar towers. The preformance data of that plant in Juelich are:

The Tower includes a research plattform that serves for:

FIMECC from Finland new member of Energy Hills

Dr. Harri Kulmana, Director of FIMECC ltd., Tampere/Finland, signed on 16th June 2010 the application form for membership with Energy Hills.

The aim of FIMECC Ltd. is to increase and deepen the cooperation between companies, universities and research institutes in the area of top quality research. FIMECC Ltd. manages research in the area of five strategic research themes through research programs that address specific issues and research questions mentioned in the Strategic Research Agenda.

May 2010: The Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation of the European Commission granted 1,3 million EURO for the ICE-E project

The Executive Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation (EACI), Brussels, signed a contract with a European consortium under the leadership of the London South Bank University for a two years grand of 1,3 million euro for developing energy efficient cooling stores and cooling chains within the EU. Energy Hills together with its members KHLim and GFE GmbH are members of that consortium. The kick-off meeting to start the project was in London on 11th and 12th May 2010.

Technical University of Vienna new member of Energy Hills

The Technical University of Vienna is the first member of Energy Hills from Austria. On 1st June 2010 the Rector of the TU Vienna, Prof. Dr. Peter Skalicky, signed the application form. The TU Vienna will be represented to Energy Hills by Mrs. Dr. Gudrun Weinwurm.

HERMIA oy from Finland new member of Energy Hills
On 30th March 2010 the Managing Director of HERMIA oy, Juha Leppanen, signed the application form for membershhip of HERMIA oy with Energy Hills.Hermia will be represented to Energy Hills by its vice President Toni Sulameri.
The mission of Hermia Ltd is to develop new business activity and expertise in pivotal high-technology industries in the central Tampere Region. The company promotes the improvement of competitiveness in the region’s key clusters.

FIR Institute of RWTH Aachen University new member of Energy Hills
FIR, with its managing director Prof. Dr. Volker Stich, has joined Energy Hills as member. Prof. Stich is also member of the Advisory Board of Energy Hills.
The FIR (Research Institute for Operations Management) is a non-profit, intersectional research institution at the RWTH Aachen University in the range of business organisation and the development of a company. The institute researches, advises, qualifies and rules in sectors as service management, information management and production management. The FIR charges the research and the development for the benefit of small, medium and grand enterprises as a member of the working group industrial research association.