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News 2011


08.12.2011: The Board of Directors of Energy Hills nominated Prof. Dr. Sabine Seidler, Rector of the Technical University of Vienna, member of the Advisory Board.



07.12.2011: Invited by Tilman Bechthold, Director of RWE Power AG power plant in Niederaussem, Energy Hills Colloquium visited that plant. The plant produces 4% of Germany's electricity from lignite. It is the sole power plant using CCS.

The Technical University Vienna (TU Wien) had invited Prof. Ulrich Daldrup to meet their Rector Prof. Dr. Sabine Seidler and v.-Rector Prof. Dr. Johannes Fröhlich on 30/31 November 2011 to speak about opening a Competence Center for sustainable buildings of EASE at TU Vienna. Daldrup gave also a presentation to the heads of the energy, climate, architecture and chemistry departments.

Prof. Ulrich Daldrup had been invited to present the opening lecture of the 10th International Symposium SYMKOM, held in Lodz/Poland from 26th to 28th October 2011. At that occasion Prof. Krzysztof Jozwic, chairman of that conference and acting Rector of the Technical University of Lodz confirmed the willingness of the TU Lodz to become a "Competence Center" within the new EASE network of competence centers.

Our member Regio iT, Aachen, merged with INFOKOM of Gütersloh. Headquarters remains at address of Regio iT. Both companies together employ 343 and realize in 2011 a turnover of 45 million euro.

Annual Assembly of ENERGY HILLS (13th September 2011)

The new elected board of Energy Hills:

Result of the election of the board of Energy Hills (for a period of four years):

President:                        Prof. Dr. h.c. Rik W. De Doncker
1st vice President:           Prof. Dr.rer.nat. Dr. h.c. Ulrich Daldrup
2nd vice President:          Ir. Wim Aarts
Secretary:                        Dr. Martin Fleuster
Treasurer:                        Dr. Christian Becker

Dr. Christian BeckerDr. Christian Becker new Treasurer of Energy Hills

Dr. Christian Becker, CEO of STAWAG AG, has been elected new treasurer of Energy Hills for the period 2011 - 2015. He repleces former treaurer Dr. Bernhard Frohn, owner and CEO of VIKA GmbH.


Annual Assembly of Energy Hills decided the foundation of EASE -European Agency for Sustainable Energy

The Annual Assembly decided:

EASE GmbH is to be founded with 25000 €starting capital. In the starting phase, existing public funding and expertize of partners, are utilized.
Principles of EASE GmbH are :
•creation of innovation market place as descripted in business plan (see offer to NRW government);
•sufficient number of industrial partners identified who contribute financially;
•sufficient number of research institutes / competence partner who contribute by opening laboratories for innovation scouting;
•to follow the possibilities offered to set up the EASE innovation fund

Colloquium with Prof. Dr. Hauke Harms, Head Department Umweltmikrobiologie Helmholtz Zentrum für Umweltforschung - UFZ (04318 Leipzig) on 6th September 2011
The lecture familiarized non-biologists with selected microbial strategies and their present use. It was illustrated the enormous potential for further discoveries and process improvements based on thoughful engineering of biological systems.

Prof. Dr de Doncker awarded Doctor honoris causa

The Technical University of Riga (Latvia) awarded to the President of Energy Hills e.V. the Doctor honoris causa


Colloquium July 2011 with Christoph Schrader

Mr. Christoh Schrader gave a presentation on "Smart Energy", presenting the German "Energiewende" and the consequences for German research need in energy, investment in energy sector and the conflict the German Energiewende produces towards the other EU member states. The presentation was followed by a long discussion showing the importance of the subject treated.

Prof. Krzysztof Jozwik of TU of Lodz presented Energy Hills e.V. on 8th June 2011 in Cologne
Prof Krzysztof Joswik presenting Energy HillsEnergy Hills presented on bilateral meeting opportunities for bilateral cooperation in the area of science and research between Poland and North Rhine-Westphalia. Prof. Krzysztof Jozwik
Vice Rector for Education of Technical University of Lodz/Poland presented a speach on "ENERGY HILLS - KNOWLEDGE AND INNOVATION COMMUNITIES IN SUISTANABLE ENERGY"

EASE Innovation Fund

The international lawers Hogan Lovells International LLP, represented by Dr. Philipp Grzimek from Frankfurt, discussed in a one day workshop together with the Directors of Energy Hills in Schloss Rahe the legal part of setting up an 100 mio euro innovation fund as part of the EASE - European Agency for Sustainable Energy.

Colloquium with Dr. Dietmar Lindenberger (22.03.2011)

Dr. Lindenberger, Director of the Institute of Energy Economics at the University of Cologne (EWI) gave a presentation Energiekonzept der Bundesregierung:Fokus: Elektrizitätswirtschaft. His presentation can be downloaded from the members log-in.




A powerful consortium of Universities, research institutes and industries has joined to present an offer for the ongoing call for the creation of a new „Spitzencluster“ in Germany. The German ministry BMBF has launched the 40 million EURO funded call. The focus will be on “Energy/Climate”.

ENERGY Hills is partner of the NRW consortium. More information unde:

Cooperation with the University of Birmingham

The University of Applied Sciences Aachen (Campus Juelich), Dep. of Energy Systems, signed a memorandum of understanding with the University of Birmingham to start from end 2011 onwards a common Master Study in Nuclear Physics.

Students from RWTH Aachen University of Aachen University of Applied Sciences, interested to participate at the first one year Master Study, that will take place in Birmingham, can ask for further information by email: .

CleanTech NRW - Spitzenclusterwettberwerb 2011

The consortium, under the lead of Bayer AG, is qualified for the last round of the Excellence Cluster Call of German government.

Colloquium with TÜV Rheinland in Cologne

TÜV Rheinland gave a presnetatin of the accident of the nuclear power plant in Fukushima/Japan. TÜV Rheinald is auditor of the power plant and has a deep look into design, management, accident and consequences of the Fukushima plant. After a long discussion Energy Hills visited TÜV Rheinland's solar PV testing lab that is the largest in the world.

Colloquium with Dr. Baumann, CEO of EnergieAgentur.NRW

Dr. Baumann gave a presnetation on the activities of  EnergieAgentur.NRW and gave an outlook on energy policies and priorities in NRW.

The presentation was also attended by Mr. Toni Sulemeri, who came from Tamepere/Finland to attend the colloquium. He also had a full day work meeting with Energy Hills on the EASE project and the EASE Innovation Fund.

Chamber of Commerce and Industry Aachen

Chamber of Commerce of Aachen (IHK Aachen) published article related to the "Energy Competence Atlas" by Energy Hills in 2010. More: