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News 2012



Energy Hills News 2012

31.10.2012: Peter Altmayer, Bundesminister für Umwelt, Naturschutz und Reaktorsicherheit, giving a presentation on “Zwischen Potential und Spannung: Die Energiewende in Deutschland”

09th October 2012: Energy Hills Colloquium: Prior to the Annual Meeting of Energy Hills was presented a Colloquium. Speaker was Prof. Rik de Doncker in his function as Director of RWTH Aachen University Eon ERC Research Institute. He gave an outlook of the most innovative electrical grids of the future. His Institute won a 30 mio EUR call from German Miinistry of Research, enabling his Institute to construcht the first DC mid-voltage testing grid. De Doncker invited the Dutch and Belgian Members of Energy Hills to consider joining this project though realizing a cross border DC grid.

09th October 2012: Energy Hills sponsored electrial rent-a-car was presented during the Annual Meeting of Energy Hills. It was a fascination for many to drive for a first time a electrical car, surprising everyone by its unmet acceleration.

09th October 2012: Annual Meeting of Energy Hills. The meeting took place at RWTH Aachen University in the brand-new Eon ERC Building. Our President and Director of Eon ERC, Prof. Rik de Doncker,  first gave a presentation on hiis institute and newest developments in future grids. The Annual Meeting, was very well attended A new vice President hat to be elected, as Wim Aarts, vice President since 2007, resigned and proposed Dr. Gerrit van Vegchel. Gerrit van Vegchel is the newly appointed President of Energy Hills Stichting in the Netherlands. The report of the President was accepted as well as the financial report by Dr. Becker and the activities report presented by Prof. Daldrup. Mr. Pekka Stuckert presented to most recent progress around the European Agency for Sustainable Energy.

21 September 2012: ENERGY HILLS sponsors first electrical rent-a-car in Aachen together with CAMBIO. In front of the Technology Center of Aachen (AGIT) a first rent-a-electrical-car station has been installed together with an electrical station powered by our member STAWAG. This Citroen eVehicle is the first electrical car that can be rented in the Aachen region. ENERGY HILLS hopes that renting an electrical car will become a success. Our sponsoring is initially limited to one year. The President prof. de Doncker and v-President prof.  Daldrup inaugurated the rent-a-car station with a first red zero emission Citroen.

11th and 12th September 2012: Energy Hills sponsored the first Northrhine-Westalia - Netherlands Energy Conference: COMBINDES ENERGY. The conference took place in Heerlen (Netherlands) is the first conference of that kind, combining energy sectors from the two neighboring countries. President prof. de Doncker gave the opening speech of this conference attended by some 200 professional participants. Energy Hills as a sponsor gave also a two days presence on the exhibition floor. September - 12th September 2012: Energy Hills contributed to a workshop on "Ethics in the Energy Sector" initiated by the Reserch Center Juelich (Prof. F. Hake) and funded by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation. Konrad Adenauer Founfdation had invited to its conference center in Cadenabbia/Italy. Other participants had been experts from the politics, churches, media as well as RWTH Aachen University. 

The Advisory Board of Energy Hills voted Prof. Dr. Antonello Monti of RWTH Aachen University Eon Energy Research Institute its new Chairman.
Before joining


 the Eon ERC at RWTH University in Aachen, Prof. Antonello Monti was Professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of South Carolina (USA). During his tenure at USC he has been Associate Director of the Virtual Test Bed (VTB) project, which focuses on computational simulation and visualization of modern power distribution systems that fully integrate power electronics into
 the network design. He has developed the real-time extension of VTB for Hardware in the Loop applications and has designed innovative tools supporting the automatic generation of VTB native models. He worked on expanding the limits of real-time simulation thanks to the application of PC clusters and FPGA technology. Prof. Monti was also the director of the Real Time and Electromechanics Laboratory (REM Lab) Education.

3rd July 2012: Karl-Josef Ollfisch, Director, Herzogenrath R&D Centre, presented the St. Gobain Research & Development Center of Aachen-Herzogenrath. This is one of the largest of six R&D Centers of the St. Gobain group with 250 employees. Focus of research is on intelligent glass, photo voltaic and new materials.

5th June 2012: Prof. Karl Föger, who invented the Ceramic Fuel Cell and is founder of CFCL ltd. presented the CFCL Fuel Cell, its develoment, its perfomance and its chances in to future to contribute to the Energiewende.

4th May 2012: Dr. Michael Gessner, Director Energy of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia presented the IRR (Innovationsregion Rheinland). This was a common event together with the Business Club Aachen Maastricht and gave an outlook into the Rheinland region after 2040, when lignite mines will be closed down and 25% of German electricity production will disappear.

17.04.2012: Colloquium on Energy Informatics. Dr. Hans Roellinger, President of Regina e.V. and Jörg Röhlen, Manager Regio iT, Aachen gave a presentation on „The Increasing Importance of Informatics for the Energy Sector“. Both described a shortage of qualifieid programmers. It has been decided, that Aachen University of Applied Sciences will start a Master Course in Energy Informatics in summer 2013.

2nd European Energy Conference in Maastricht (17th April 2012 till 20th April 2012) was organized by and chaired by the vice President or Energy Hill's Advisory Committee, Prof. Dr. Harald Bolt (Research Eenter Juelich). energy Hills is one of the major sponsors of this important conference: .

On the same conference Energy Hills ha a stand, aligned by Eon ERC of RWTH Aachen University and Technical University Eindhoven. 

Since April 2012 the Dutch Stichting Energy Hills has appointed a new President: Dr. G.H.M. van Veghel. 

26.03.2012: The new Eon ERC building in the new campus of Aachen Technical University was inaugurated. Speaker has also been the CEO of Eon AG, Dr. Theyssen.

13.03.2012: First workshop of EU INterreg funded BioenNW Project hosted by Energy Hills in Schloss Rahe, Aachen. Aim of the workshop was to define the task of the five Bioenergy Support Centers that will be created in Birmingham, Eindhoven, Aachen, Paris and Colmar.

13.03.2012: Klaas Schurig, CEO KIC Innogy BeNeLux, Eindhoven, about newest developments of EU funded KIC Energy programme.

07.02.2012: Prof. Dr. Hamid Aid Abderrahim, Managing Director of the MYRRAH project and dep. Managing Director of Belgian SCK/CEN gave lecture on Energy Hill's Colloquium

Prof. Abderrahim presented the MYRRAH project developping a generation 4 nuclear reactor within a European programme. One of the outputs is transmutation allowwing to change nuclear waste and to reduce half life time to 300 years.

07.02.2012: Visit of important economic mission from Tampere/Finland to Energy Hills

an importnat mission from Tampere/Finland visited Energy Hills on 7th February 2012 to become informed about most recent development in technology and searching for cooperation. Visit of Fraunhofer LPE institute and Eon ERC institute of RWTH Aachen University rounded up that visit. The aim is to come to a sustainable cooperation between universities and industry of Tamere region with Energy Hills and its members in Aachen. The Technical University of Tamppere and Hermia Oy are members of Energy Hills.

Energy Hills is cooperating with North-Rhine Westfalia governmental initiative "Rheinisches Revier"

Energy Hills is member of the working committee "Rheinisches Revier" whos aim is to design the future of Germany's Rheinland after the year 2035 when lignite production and electricity generation from lignite (25% of Germany's electricity production) might come to an (politically wanted) end.

Energy Hills signed pro-cooperation agreement with Aachen University of Applied Sciences on common management of EU INTERREG IVB NWE fundes Bio-energy project BioenNW

Energy Hills entered into a four year cooperation with Aachen University of Applied Sciences/Campus Juelich, for a common management of the EU INTERREG 4B NWE funded project: the Delivering Local Bioenergy to North West Europe (BioenNW). The financial voluem of this project is 8 million euro. Lead is Aston University, Birmingham.The January meeting was held in Milleneum Point in Birmingham. The other project partners are:

(1)     Aston University
(2)     Fondaterra (Paris/France)
(3)     Birmingham City Council
(4)     Birmingham City University
(5)     EnergyHills (Aachen/Germany)
(6)     Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT) (Karlsruhe/Germany)
(7)     WSE ltd (Juelich/Germany)
(8)     HI3 GmbH
(9)     Cluster TWEED (Technologie Wallonne Energie, Environnement et Développement durable) (Liège/Belgium)
(10)   European Biomass Industry Association
(11)   RITTMO Agroenvironnement (Colmar/France)
(12)   Maire Des Mureaux (Paris/France)
(13)   Samenwerkingsverband Regio Eindhoven (Eindhoven/Netherlands)
(14)   Harper Adams (Birmingham/UK)